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    I used to live in Stockholm and with my 1.2 took every thing on offer from astra free to air. I then moved west to the Norway border, when I retired. Again the 1.2 Andrews was no problem. I could almost point it an where and get signal. Even with the pole tied to a tree, waving about in snow or rain. At one point my LNB mount had a bad attack of sun and UV, and almost fell apart. I lost some signal, but a hot glue gun and I was back in business.
    Then February this year I came back from Finland, and nothing. On a clear day there is signal but not enough for a picture. I then picked up a 2.4. Should be weather proof. Loads more gain than my 1.2.
    Just dug a huge hole. 2.5 meters by 1.5 meters, and 1.4 meters deep . Tons of steel reinforcing and a pile of 16 mm , half meter long studs welded to a plate, to mount the base plate.
    Then cold feet. Is it a big enough hole and will it be strong enough. To be fair it is not often windy but once will be enough. Is there any one with experience of concrete holes and big dishes. ?
    The ground is stones and sand left over from the days of glaciers. Even my mini digger I hired was struggling with the rocks I dug out. It was like digging a hole in a mountain. I had to use a crow bar and my hands to loosen some of the rocks. Any comments would be of interest.



    This manual for a Channel Master SMC offset 2.4m dish will help you, I think.




    This kink is helpful. I have calculated that I will have about 3 or more cubic of concrete, which is fairly heavy. Set in rocks and sand, the concrete will find its way round the rocks as it is poured in. The rocks are fairly well set in the ground. Been there a few thousand years I guess. We do have frost which can go down 2 or 3 meters. Thus layers of steel mesh set at 20 cm intervals should keep it together. I am just a bit frightened of going away and coming back later, and finding the whole lot lying on the ground.
    I have a friend with a 4.5 and he has no problems set in 2 cubic meters of concrete. I should stop worrying.



    When you have finished, how about popping down to see me and pouring some concrete for me. After we can catch up and knock a few beers back….. TK


    To think I was whingeing about digging an itsy-bitsy hole in soft ground for my 1.25m, and FOUR and a half metres – that’s taller than my house!!!


    alan mcrae

    An update. My 2.4 meter ‚ prime focus dish has had no problems. Wind , snow rain frost , it stands regardless. ‚ I had a cheap Konig rx which worked fine. Then i bought a Humax, top of the range. Bloody humax says, not enough signal. SO total waste. Ah ah, I thought , go fibre. It appears fibre LNB requires more signal than my existing one… So no joy and several hundred pounds adrift. And still no Channel 5, but every thing else OK.

    Signal varies from am to pm. I believe it is because the sat does not ravel in a straight line. More figure of 8 so I tuned for max signal in the evenings. ‚ Cleaning frozen snow off the dish is a pain in bad winter.


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