Astra 28.2E issues in Denmark – March 2014

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    Hi all, I’m new to this forum but I’ve lost all BBC channels with my 1.5 metre dish located in Hjortshoj, just North of Aarhus. Just did a scan tonight and I can get a lot of the freeview channels, but none of any value! If I run a scan of the Pay TV channels I can see a good signal on the C5 HD, e4 HD, More4 HD, ITV2 HD etc., but I don’t have a Sky box or Sky account so nothing do here.

    Any updates on possible adjustments of the dish?? Any ideas?? Anyone else near here that has any better experiences?



    Yes i am living in Mariager,and having the same problem.
    The zeroline 1 is passing right thru Jylland.
    In the evening i have signal from BBC-ITV but to small to get Picture.
    So i am not giving up,but it will not be easy to get them on Again.



    Thanks for the reply, just wondered what equipment your using?



    To night i got Picture for the first time on ITV on 11052H.

    I am using 1.30m channel master dish. Opticum LNB LTP-04H Premium Twin.
    Recievers: DM800HDse- VU+DUO HD. Humax freesat HD
    Sathero SH200+ Satfinder.




    I am living in Lunderskov near Kolding and have all channels most of the time. Lose ch 5 channels around 6.30pm until around 6am. As for the BBC channels and ch 4, depends on the weather. If it’s clear then I can see them 24 hours a day but otherwise can lose them around 8.30pm in bad weather. Have a gibertini op150 dish with a invacom quad lnb, gibertini feedhorn and opticum switch. Have both sky boxes and freesat. I have heard a couple of tweaking ideas I have yet to try to improve the signal further. Not sure if this information is of any help?



    Hi all,

    I am really a novice at this game and would like a little advice on what I should be receiving, or in general what channels people are getting.
    I have a 1m dish with a ‘regular’ LNB (from Amazon), all attached to a Sky+ HD box.

    My signal was always a little dubious prior to all of this activity, dropping out with bad weather. I set up the dish myself using a signal meter.
    At the moment I have no BBC channels at all, No ITV1, but ITV2HD etc work up until around 7pm. No C4, but some of the others. My signals are also a little worse on some of the standard sky channels so I lose them with weather, not even bad weather. Would all of these recent changes alter the SKY channel signals?

    Generally I am tempted to get on the roof and have a tweak on the set up, but if these issues are ‘standard’ then is it worth it?
    I see a few people in and around Arhus, where I am, can you recommend an installer who can optimise my set up?

    The family are driving me crazy complaining and we are watching more via Filmon and still paying the SKY subscription.
    Any advice would really help.



    Hi Ian
    I have seen where you live on Google earth.And you have the same bad luck as me living on the first zero line. I am living near Mariager and have a 130cm dish with a very good LNB OPticum premier Twin LTP-04H.
    And i have another lnb Inverto Black UltraTwin high gain low noise,which is working with same result as
    the opticum. But i have the same problems as you and no BBC. In the evening from about 20,oo and until morning i have Picture on ITV in fine weather.And the highest signal on 11053H 22000 5/6 QPSK.
    THe sky channels i have high signal on,but no Picture because i have no abonnement. The only thing i
    will say to you is get a first class LNB,then you will have no problms with the sky channels.
    With your 100cm dish i think you can forget BBC and ITV as long as the zero line is passing so near our homes
    mvh Hans Jensen



    Hi Ian,

    I agree with Hans above. I think with a good quality LNB and possibly a larger dish you’ll receive all the Sky channels but not the terrestrial channels like BBC1-2/ITV1. I don’t have a Sky box, my cable just runs straight into my Panasonic TV, but with my 1.5 metre dish I can see all the Sky channels such as ITV2, More4, E4, Channel 4 etc., so it should be possible for you.

    Good luck..



    Thanks for the replies.

    I think I may need to make a small investment in a better LNB, and at least some fine tuning on my dish alignment.



    we offer 43 ENGLISH CHANNELS inc BBC/ITV with FULL 14 DAY CATCHUP for ¢â€š¬18 a month
    requires 1.5mb internet



    Hi richnb, I’m living between Lunderskov and Seest so would expect to have the same experience as you. I took down my 110cm dish when the satellites switched and just rely on iPlayer and a VPN but live TV is not always that great‚ nor can‚ I‚ get Film4. I asked at Expert in Vamdrup and the guy there said I would need a 140cm dish, although having just read your post that doesn’t seem as if it would be enough. I was wondering if you’ve managed to improve the situation.



    Why not use Filmon, which‚  includes Film4. No need for any VPN.

    the standard service is only SD or you can subscribe.

    for your information there are‚  Android IPTV Systems using the xbmc‚  ‘addons’‚  that‚  can stream Filmon in HD FTA. However this requires the Box to be set up especially‚  to allow this.

    If you are going for a Large Dish …. i would only Recommend either‚  the Gibertini 125 or‚  150 with Feedhorn LNB. ( probably the 150 in your area) if you have been recommended 140cms.


    Talk of Aarhus (at the top of this Forum) brings back wonderful memories forr me. I brought a Hot Air Balloon to Aarhus in Sept 1986 and did 4 or 5 wonderful‚  flights around the area with the ‘High Point’ (excuse the Pun) being a ‘Tethered‚  one hour NIGHT Flight ‘ on a 50 metre Cable above the City, taking basketfulls of 4 or 5 people up to the top of the rope and down again.‚  we probably managed to give +/- 100 people a unique experience….. Happy Days.




    Hi Michael,

    Well the guy in Vamdrup doesn’t know what he is talking about, he is just guessing. I have a gibertini 1.5m dish and apparently according to what I read on the Internet is considered to be one of the best dishes for that size. My signal is roughly the same as what I described in my previous post. The signal is better in the winter than the summer. The problem is if you look at the satellite footprints across Europe, there is a red line running right through where we live making it hard to get a signal. To be honest I think if you wanted a signal 24/7 all year and in bad weather I think we would need a ridiculous size dish like a 2.4m and I don’t really fancy that in my back garden! Anyway what I have done is bought a Humax Freesat box and a VPN which is configured in my asus router and the Humax is connected to the asus router so it has a UK IP. Then when I lose the signal, I can watch the catch up tv via the Humax instead of watching via a ipad, PC etc. This is the best solution I can come up with right now. Of course there are IP boxes available but then you will need a subscription which works out more expensive. There is also the FilmOn solution but for me I think the Humax, vpn solution works the best. You are always welcome to come around though if you want to see my setup. If anyone on here has any better solutions, we will be glad to hear.



    Hi Rich, thanks for the info. Yes, if you don’t mind I would like to take you up on your offer to see your setup. When would be a good time for you? I’m normally home from work in Esbjerg by 5pm although today I’ll be home by 3 pm. I’m also free‚ this weekend apart from house painting and car cleaning 🙂

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