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    1.9M dish no problems with any BBC HD or SD so far today.
    1.35M dish, have managed to get BBC SD on 10818 V 22000, with either a best 0.1db and a goobay quad 0.1db LNB may be able to pull in others but am going to wait until itv’ and 4’s come on tomorrow.



    Hello everyone,
    I have been sitting in the wings for over a year watching all the posts, decided to show myself and try to contribute.

    Lost everything that’s BBC, still got everything else so far.

    Question, I am able to get ITV player on my Humax box through my router and I do not have VPN or other masking software. Pleased but curious.



    Forgot, 1.2m dish, Humax foxsat HDR



    Hi Gerry
    At present ITV dont seem to be bothered about geo location unlike BBC, so that is why you can get it without a VPN on your Humax.



    On the contrary, ITV are VERY concerned about geo-location on their player…when its played through a PC. Without some UK address, it complains and stops me watching. (“Sorry this video is only available to be viewed within the United Kingdom etc etc”). Maybe its the software builtin to the Humax that is slightly different.



    Currently still able to receive BBC Red Button 2 but not Red Button 1



    All 2E and 2F BBC SD chs badly pixellated at 1200hr.—-now below threshold, but starting to recover. Weather cloudy.
    Gerry, BBC RB2 is on the pan european beam –RB1 is on the UK beam.




    I’m not a newcomer visiting this web (I began weeks before 2F arrived around november 2012 in the late Rob Evans’ web). I had just managed to connect the satellite dish the previous owner (an English expat) of the house had left.

    But until now I hadn’t seen the chance to provide some information, though it is not a lot of it.
    I have an 1,25 m. dish (I don’t see any brand on it) and I have no idea of the LNB I possess. I bought a Televƒ©s deco (it cost a lot because they said it was a very good one). According to the technician who set up the system, the dish and the LNB had at least 5 years, maybe 10.

    Anyway, before the changes I could see all not encrypted channels. 2F changes were not a big problem for me, because I don’t like 5 channels and the rest of channels that switched to the new satellite disappeared only with rather intense rain.

    2E is weaker than 2F. I have no rain margin at all. When the first drop falls I lose all receptions. These days are being very rainy in Madrid. Nevertheless, if the rain stops I recover the sign (in this moment I see all channels without problems); sometimes I get some pixelating if the sky is very cloudy and near to rain. Scotish or Welsh versions of BBC channels are a bit stronger than English ones.

    But I think I’m kind of fortunate. If the situation remains as it is now, I would be happy. Madrid is not a rainy city and I think I won’t be losing a lot of things. Nevertheless, do you think I can get a bit of rain margin if I get a new, more powerful LNB? Maybe the good deco has made fortunate?

    Besides, I don’t know if it has been said before, but according to skyinmadrid, ITV and Channel 4 will switch to 2E in the early hours next Tuesday.

    If you have doubts or questions, I will try to answer, but I am not an expert and it is almost true that I would only touch a wire if my life depended on it.

    Sorry for the length of the text and sorry for my english. I am not a speaker and I use English channels to practise and watch good documentaries.



    Hi Michael, I will leave others that are more familair with Spanish locartion and problems to offer their tsilored opinion. But may I ask 2 things:

    1, what is a ‘Televƒ©s deco’ (as in “I bought a Televƒ©s deco.”
    2, Have you double ensured you have ‘tweaked’ your dish and alignment to ensure you have maximum reception? Good LNB’s dont really give much more and ultimately rely on the quality of the signals being sent to them from the dish in the first place. If you dish is not collecting everything it can then changing the LNB may well fail to give you the benefit you are looking for.

    Get a signal metre, a screw driver and address the alignment of your dish – 5 mm of misalignment on your dish could have it pointing hundreds of miles off target at satellite level. (Not so bad whilst picking up a EUROPEAN beam like 1N, but a massive difference for 2E and 2F.) Also slide move your LNB IN and OUT within its collar a millimtre at a time to see if it improves. And check the skew of the LNB.




    Sorry, I said deco as a short word for decoder (decodificador in Spanish), but I think the word receiver suits better. Televĩs is the brand of the device.

    My dish is pointing to 28.2 E. In fact, the receiver already shows that it is pointing to Astra 2E. Of course it could be slightly diverted and the best solution would be the tweak you suggest.

    Nevertheless, I think I will wait until the whole transition process is over and no more movements or tweaks up there are expected. Besides, these days are being extremely rainy (for Madrid standards) and it is not the best moment to climb up to the roof (nothing visible).

    As I am also planning to change the orientation of the other dish I have from 19.2 E to 13 E in order to see Italian channels, I think I will do all changes at the same time.

    Thank you very much for the ideas, jimimaseye.



    Youre welcome, good luck.



    has anyone any information as to the size dish required in the fuengirola area of the costa del sol. i was speaking to a tv guy the other day and he said that he was told by a colleague that they could not get the bbc stations on a 2.4 mt dish. info appreciated .




    I gleaned this from elsewhere on Robs site, it is from January but I do not think that anything has changed yet

    “Spain, Malaga ¢â‚¬â€œ I tested three installations using a 1.8 Channel Master dish, signal is extremely small, 2.4 or 3.0m dishes will be needed, will test soon ¢â‚¬â€œ ¢â‚¬Å“Carl¢â‚¬ again”

    ( with thanks to “Carl”)

    This is a 2F signal report.



    thanks for that info Gerry. where on the site are they discussing dish sizes etc. i am new to the new site since rob passed away, as i have had a health issue, but i am now sorted thanks again.



    well itv c4 gone itv hd 2 3 4 ok some 4~s ok bbc red button 2 ok at this time ok mrs waggy ok recording emmerdale and corro next day on itv 2 hd plus found a site to watch east enders on line and link up to the tv awaiting my new set up to be fitted this week will report on that later by the way where we are a 3 m dish will not work so iam told have a nice day around Europe



    Lost ITV chn4 118 119 120 all BBCs went last week, getting 997 which is BBC RB2 Olympics
    which is new to us, also SKY NEWS came back on 2 days ago.
    Too old for sex all night and every night, cannot afford to go out every night.
    BUT after an hour sends me yampi.

    3.1 dish in Lanzarote




    Love it! (never heard that before)



    At 1200hr all BBC 2E UK chs showing 75-80% Q on the Humax .The V chs are 5% higher than the H !!
    (2F is the opposite !)



    All UK signals in Tenerife gone on our 3.2 m system this morning ,although an adjacent complex with similiar dish getting theirs (a different company does their dish ) as are few local bars , so the signals are there!!
    Looks like internet TV for a while until things settle down !



    it looks like costa blanca is ok for receiving all the channels. i have just been talking to a friend of mine in torrevieja and he has all stations with a 1.3 mtr dish. Has anyone got any reports yet of the dish size need on the costa del sol (fuengirola) as that is where my apt is.



    @john: when you say the adjacent apartment is getting uk signals, you sure they are getting BBC AND ITV, or could it be Sky channels?



    Hi, Im living near Luarca Asturias.Liek most folks I have lost my UK tv channels.Im not an expert so if anyone can help or suggest anything I would appreciate it !! I realise its probably best to wait until the dust settles before investing in new kit.I was wondering if there are any signal strength reports for this area. Thanks.
    Im running a 1.20 dish (no Makers name) and a Televes Universal LNB. into a Sky box with freeview card.



    Lost all the remaining quality channels (IMO) still able to get ITV Player through my Humax HDR and HD boxes.

    IPTV boxes selling fast at my local Ex Pat market this morning, but after watching “inside out London” last night, have some reservations on that route.



    Hi Gerry,

    As a IPTV provider I am interested to know what kind of set-top box you tested and what the reservations are. As long you have a solid working ADSL 2 Mbps connection there should be no problems using IPTV set-top boxes. Yes the ex-pat IPTV market is booming.

    Your address is in the Costa Del Sol and mainly that area is dominated by Infomir MAG250 boxes, not the best quality but it works.

    ps. Too many Costa del Sol resellers, there will be a shake out soon.



    IPTV, yes MAG250 seems to be the flavour of the month, but my reservations are on the providers, the resellers seem to be fringe brown bag market traders. I was unable to get the source of the transmissions explained clearly to me and was dubious as to the legality of these items. I have sourced a reseller who has a showroom where I am hoping to see a display rather than “just plug it in and switch it on – it will work”

    Perhaps this is not the right forum for this topic.

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