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    I thought it might be helpful to anyone around my area who is thinking of re-instating UK TV to know what my experience was.

    Last May, after much thought about what dish size to go for, I decided on the Giby 125, which I have ground mounted in as discrete an area as possible. I managed to line it up ok, although this was quite a bit harder than my old smaller dish, as I don’t have any pro kit. In the end, I found the best way was to take the freesat box and TV outside so I could see the impact directly when I moved the dish.

    Since then, I have had no problems at all with signal, and all channels are fine even in the rain. I have had feedback from Nagusia in another of Rob’s forums that a smaller dish might have done the job as he has had ok reception with a portable 110 dish in Saint-Girons. However, personally I would go for the larger dish to be on the safe side if you have somewhere to mount it. Be warned – it is a big looking dish though, especially if you mount it somewhere less discrete. Mine is at the back of the house so it is out of the way. I think it is possible to wall mount it, but this may need permission from your Mayor and would probably make adjusting it quite a bit harder.

    I ordered the kit from who were both helpful and efficient, with quick delivery………..

    Hope that helps someone……..



    I’m in Carcassonne,Aude(11000)

    I ordered a similar,125 cm dish from same source(although not a Gibby),wall mounted it on the backside of our home,

    got a nice Scottish near-neighbour to lend me a sat finder ,

    and friends to do the mounting,and it just works fine,

    my reception on a triax sat receiver(German brand)

    varies from 89(max) down to a minimum of 86,pretty much come rain or shine.

    rod in aude

    Only thick overcast,of the thunderstorm kind,will block reception



    hello, I am not that far from you, about 20km due West – can you advise what your reception was like last summer/this year? ‚ I am now considering (finally) switching out my old 80cm as my IPTV is a bit variable and I have a Humax going to waste…there’s a few houses not far from me with I’d guess 120-140cm dishes but short of knocking on their doors not sure which ones actually work well or not….

    thanks in advance



    Hello,I am in Carcassonne 90k-ish from you

    got a 120cms from 2-Galli with inverto‚ ‚  (although many people tend to say now any Lnb will do the job)

    these days propagation is very low,I ll get BBC 1,2,4‚  SD all the time ,and HD half of the time with bbc 4 lower than 2 and 3

    C4 and its subs work fine too,‚ ‚ ‚ ‚  so does Travel Channel,‚ ‚ ‚ ‚  well this is what I watch

    I do not use ITV(what is there to watch on ITV you tell me?)

    the other channels come in fine except a trio:Yesterday,Drama and Really on 12129 I think

    and until a month ago I had had BBC hd all the time

    it remains to be seen whether the present low is seasonal or a technical move from the guys up there…





    and BTW,

    an 80cm won’ t suffice for astra 2,but,with a monoblock‚  lnb on the 80cm,this will get you

    Astra 1 (lots of Germans,some Spanish, some‚  English speaking from various nations) and Hotbird(lots of italians ,southerners,russians,arabic) and some French channels on both astra1 and hotbird…quite fun to watch & very strong signal!

    it can also get you 5‚°W should you need it




    I am 40 Kms Due south of Carcassonne and a Gibby 125 with feedhorn is just about big enough… althoigh there are occasional losses of channels from time to time during the April – September period…. but on the whole acceptable. Set up is however critical and with the winds we get in this area it does need fine tuning from time to time..



    Rod, it is seasonal….

    i have a Mate not far from Aurignac ( Ken Chapple) and he reports almost an identical signal to me……I would definitely treccomend the 125 Gibby with feedhorn.




    Morning all

    Sorry I’ve only just seen this ………….

    Since I wrote the original email a year ago, my reception has worsened compared to this time last year. I think that’s because there was a move of some HD channels to the new Astra satellite. However, in the winter I was still able to get pretty much all the channels I watch with my Gibby 125 – including ITV HD and 4/7. As we have moved into spring, the signal has now worsened with some drop out.

    As of today, I still have reliable reception of most channels with the exception of ITV HD which doesn’t lock on at all. Everything else I watch seems ok though.

    I agree with Monty in that you will need to do the odd tweak to the dish. I arrived back yesterday after some time away and had lost even BBC SD. Some time outside with the spanners soon got things back though – high winds I guess.

    In summary, a gibby 125 should do you if you’re not fussy about ITV HD and don’t mind some other HD drop out in rain. You could go up to the Gibby 150 but it’s lot more expensive and pretty big!

    Hope this helps



    ok many thanks for all the feedback,‚ will give that some consideration…

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