Hello from Mojacar, Almeria province, southeast Spain

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    I have a 1.9 metre dish and a Pro-quad flange 40mm LNB (that’s what it says on the label). I can get all the UK TV channels on most days but would like to be able to watch Discovery, Yesterday and particularly PBS (the US public channel which has some wonderful documentaries!)

    I bough a SATLINK WS-6908 meter to set it up – but the User Manual that came with it is so badly translated (from Chinese), brief and unhelpful, that I have never managed to use it yet.

    I understand that one of its roles are to show a channel from the sat you are trying to get – allowing you to use its picture to tune it in..!

    This sounds an ideal approach – can anyone give me advice, step by step, if possible, in setting the SATLINK meter up to achieve this…???



    I don’t know what BBCodes are..?



    Click img, enter the image URL and then OK. That simple.



    On which satellite is PBS supposed to be?



    Found them, PBS America on 2F UK beam. When you can get BBC and ITV you should be able to get PBS at 11306H.
    Discovery etc are subscription channels.


    Hello Struan.

    Here are a some‚ tips from a reviewer‚ on Amazon, who also‚ says the manual is useless!



    Also here is a vid on youtube, is has 66% rating thumbs up so it may or may not be of use


    and here is ‚ a forum topic where people share tips



    hope this helps!

    P.S. I think John was replying to the wrong topic with the reply “Click img, enter the image URL and then OK. That simple.”




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    Shame on me Paul. I was 🙁


    Hi there

    For Mojacar, do you feel that a 1.9m dish is sufficient for BBC and ITV reception, or is that a minimum size required ?




    Yes, it’s evidently both the minimum and the right size to get UK TV in the Mojacar area – from the research I’ve done here, it’s all you need. The right LNB is also important. I have a rt Pro Quad Flange 40mm LNB – which is quite old, and recently I bought, for eight euros, including postage an apparently equally good LNB, the ‚ DUAL LNB Universal LNBF KU-BAND DIGITIAL FULL HD For Sky Freesat TV Sat HQ<span style=”line-height: 1.5;”>‚ from‚ </span>http://www.ebay.co.uk/usr/uk_hdmi_pro?_trksid=p2057872.m2749.l2754

    But unless you’re an expert, I’d get professional sat people to get the best LNB and get it tuned in. I go to a guy in Turre called Tony Cooper. If you call the Airport Shuttle office in Turre, you’ll get him (their mobile is: 634 317 666). I am not saying they are either the best or the worst, but the only one I’m familiar with and they did a very good and cheap job – only ¢â€š¬30 to tune in my LNB on my 1.9 metre dish so that I now get all the UK TV channels (often not on HD – it depends on the weather) but I also get PBS – which for documentaries, is a truly magnificent channel… They make documentaries like the BBC used to do, thirty or forty years ago, before they put chefs, actors and gardeners to front their historical and scientific programmes…

    If you are at all technical and have easy access to your dish, you can tune it in yourself. I bought a SatLink WS-6908 on ebay for about ¢â€š¬100. It is reputed to be the best meter for tuning in sat dishes – with the worst User Manual… but if you like this sort of thing and play about with it long enough, you’ll learn to tune in your dish. I’d still advise you to call Tony Cooper in Turre…

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